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    It is Ok, but After Story is much better
First of all the positive aspect of the anime:

Throughout the whole episodes the comedy is really great, which kept me watching Clannad till the end.
Especially when the Character Sunohara has his moments, I could not stop laughing(it almost hurt).
So, if I could rate the anime only based on its comedy, I would give it 20 of 5^^.

Comedy may be one theme of the show but the main focus is on Drama/Romance(also a little Mystical stuff).
As for the Drama part, in short: its pace is way too slow for me(probably personal preference or imagination)
In the one hand you could say the some characters are introduced properly(slowly), on the other hand you could have introduced them bit faster and so the plot would be more fluent in my opinion.
The pace, especially the introduction of the Fuko arc, was one of the main reasons why stopped watching Clannad at some point(but the comedy aspect saved it).
Continuning was one of the better decisions, as the tragic moments were finally building up and creating at least a little bit of interest in watching.

My other reason for stopping was the romance aspect.
Actucally, I do not dislike romanace in anime, but here, especially in the first half, it was more like dating sim.
In fact, I did not quite understand why they all fell in love with the MC, at all.


Maybe not all people share the same opinions about the Romance and Drama in Clannad,
but to please all: Even if the Romance does not get better, the drama does(at least in the latter half and maybe the Comedy brings you to continue watching.
You won't make a bad decision to watch it to the end, because in Clannad After Story true epicness will unfold.
Not only due to the fact that it is not like a dating sim anymore, but also because it really lets you feel what an emotional rollercoaster is.
However, that will be part of another review

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so if you people want romance and dont mind it being a little dated...well this 1 is probably the best i have seen. it has 2 seasons and it deals into some really screwed up stuff for the main characters.



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      The Best~
I Guess I say something too, Out of the 900 animes and over 1k manga's I've gone through I can tell you only 3 Ever made me cry; Clannad, Love Hina the Manga, and One piece the Manga. DO not hesitate go experience them and find out for yourself whether its 10/10. I'll say nothing more.
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Bear with me, this is gonna be a long one....a really long one.

I have cycled through many and many anime; gave most if not all a chance; all in search for a perfect story that would satisfy me. Obviously, perfection is never easy and rarely ever occurs (if ever); the definition of perfection itself depends on your point of view, whether it is the maximum possible or the unreachable infinite; either way, for me, a perfect story would be one that can attain a perfect balance between all the known literature elements: Characters, Setting, Background, etc...

As for the stories within anime; each and every anime has its own strong points which keeps it popular, such as Bleach with its Setting and plot; One Piece with its relation between the ultimate plot and its characters; Naruto and its character development and character background; etc... Although each of these have its strong points, they also have their weak point, and this sensitive subject is highly debatable; a personal criticism would be Bleach's lack of character development, etc.

CLANNAD on the other hand, was one of the first and only anime that I have found up to this date to maintain a perfect equilibrium throughout the show. Unlike most anime, this type of slice-of-life anime did not feel rushed and its plot did not feel forced at all. The anime went perfectly at its own pace introducing each and every character as it saw fit, each with their own background and development that would show itself all in due time. Personally, I was mainly amazed at how perfectly they maintained each character's story and how none of their stories clashed with each other due to originally occurring at the "same" time.

One other thing that I was truly amazed at was how by the end of the series you would truly realize the greatness of the setting in which these stories all occurred in and supported each other; the city. It was also truly and ultimately great to see how the main character, Tomoya, the one character to experience each and every character's story, truly developed and changed throughout the series and let go of his negative outlook towards the city and society in general and finally decided to move on with his life in order to seek happiness for himself and the one he loves. Since, in the end, the show is truly about him and how each and every character affected and chipped away at the barrier stopping him from accepting the city (or society) for what it is and living his life fulfilled. Finally, I must add that with every masterpiece of a story must come a truly great set of music to immerse one into the story; the music in Clannad is truly great and brought directly from the visual novel, mirroring its time of usage, especially in all its great moments.

So, all in all, as my title says, I truly believe this series to be unreachable and a true masterpiece; an anime for anyone truly looking for a beautiful experience and is tired of the usual mindless romance comedies of a main character loved by several girls who fall in love with him for little or no reason at all. But enough of that, let me end this very long review by saying that I definitely recommend this anime to anyone and everyone who would truly appreciate a Great Story.

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This anime is the most beautifull anime in the world. The first season is full of humor, but also many tear jerking scenes. The protagonist Tomoya a laid back guy who doesn't care about school, but you'll discover his good sides also. The art is very beautifull. You'll easily welcome the characters and also empathize with them. The music for Clannad also is very beautifull. The second season is a real tear jerker. No anime or movie had ever made me cry so much. I've watched clannad twice and still i cry just as much as the first time. This seriosly is my Number 1 Favorite anime. It may be slow at first, but still it is very interesting. Once you are inside this anime you'll find out how good it is. The humor is very good, but even though it's comedy it also has many beautifull scenes.

This anime is recommended for 13+ because of there are many thing small children can't understand, but for everyone 13+ this is a very recommended anime.

You'll not regret watching Clannad.

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      Most beautiful anime. Of all time.

Honestly, Clannad and Clannad 2 are the most beautiful animes. IN HISTORY.

 The first one was so much humor, I love this anime so much.

The second season was a real tear jerker. Even more beautiful and emotional than the first season.

Wish it kept on going.

OH! The OVA is my favorite though, my favorite couple (: if only it ended the way I wanted it to hahaa


 100000000000000000000% RECCOMENDATION TO AGES 1 AND BELOW. lol jk .

For all ! 

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      Romantic Comedy

At first I was indirectly recommended this anime by a pal. I decided to take her up on this anime thinking it'd be another Peach Girl kind of deal which i don't particularly care for. I am so very glad to say i was dead wrong. This show is beautiful in every sense of the word. Honestly the art is beautifully, the characters are easily welcomed and eased in. The protagonist Tomoya a very mundane, laid-back, intelligent guy that always seemed shy of receiving the credit of intelligence he truly held. He is the spitting image of Kyon seen in The Melancholy Oh Haruhi Suzumiya (another great anime). They're both sarcastic and witty but laid back and often spacing out in their own self-thought.

The show seems to pick up slowly but you soon find out it's far from boring. The humor and fabulous storyline keep you aloft through it the whole way. Particularly the Fu story arc was what really got me into it. Cute, funny, and downright silly, she was an irreplaceable character. Which is why they continue to toss her in every now and then, even in Clannad: The Aftertory. This is for anyone looking for an anime with deep humanistic and heartwarming stories. 

This show is enough to make even some tuned to watching even the most horrific media (which I as a horror film enthusiast do so often) cry and really, really wish there was more anime as powerful as this.

I highly, highly recommend this anime. You won't be disappointed

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This anime truly touched my heart, its a emotional anime and i say viewers should see it.

not even to the 11 episode and i cried ( Fuko Arc ) this is how touching it was.!!!

Please View this and vote.


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There is only one other anime I've watched that has made me cry and that is naruto when Jirya dies, me and my wife cried for like 10 mins.  But after watching like 15 episodes on this anime I've cried like 3 times.  Fuko arc had me balling and the last one about the teddy bear and tears rolling down my face too.  This is the biggest tear jerking anime I've ever seen.  It would probably make anyone cry no matter how tough you think you are. 

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      no dry eyes here
If you have read any of my other reviews you will find i do not give out many 5 stars. However Clannad is most certenly deserving of it. I had previously thought that I was immune to the effects of the genaric tear gerker romance anime. Having 5 sisters i can say i have seen every type of romatic chick flick out there and I can say I have never shed a tear for anything other then my dog getting ran over when I was 5. This show broke down my deffences and brought me to my knees. I weeeped like a little baby and I am not ashamed to say it. It was simply that sad. Even though it sits at the pinicle of my romace latter it is not without its faults. I found the first season to be rather boring aside from a few parts that almost had me reaching for a hankerchif. most of the episodes didn't flow or lead into the next episode, not to mention the two main leads relationship moved at a sluggish pace. At first i might say to skip the first season and just watch the second because you wont loose to much of the plot and save yourself a lot of nonsense so you can get onto the good stuff. However this would be a mistake as it is essential for you to get to know the characters because they are really well done, and you will find that you love each and every one of them. To get the full experience you need to watch it from start to finish. You will not be disappointed. It is a must watch, the characters are interesting as well as the plot when its all said and done. It is not easy to predict like most romances. If you do see whats coming it will make it all the more sad as you wont be surprised. I cried more the second time around then the first because i knew what was going to happen and would be breaking down before the sad parts even came. I am an anime critic so take it from me when i say it is a must watch. If you have a dry eye when its all said and done then you must be a robot and have no need to watch anime.
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Just wanted to share how much I adore Clannad, a truly magical show, full of heart-rending moments which arouses sympathy for most if not all the characters of this great show. Clannad, starts as a stable atmosphere where the characters are getting more intimate with everyone and many stories unfold. The tales and events of the story unfold to convey as many emotions as possible. With the conclusion of Clannad in Clannad After Story, the story escalates to enormous emotional distress….. but the end justify the means! (:

A great show to watch, very moving, complicated at times, but definitely worth your time!!

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