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     This requires a specific way to watch.

If you want the full, and true excitement that One Piece has to offer then stop watching it. For now atleast, I say this with good reason, If you don't believe me then rewatch the whole thing. Its best when you can just gluttonessly binge on constant adventure! Waiting a year(YES an entire YEAR) Should give them time to make up to 60 episodes, an entire Arc. Which is always Epic when you watch it episode after episode!


So if you are too truly enjoy this show the way it is suppose to be, then wait. Let it simmer, then take it back out once its done cooking. Taste best that way. And you know what they say: "Hunger is the best seasoning" So take a break from One Piece so when you come back, you can satiate that gnawing feeling that makes you feel unsatisfied.

Otherwise, Watching this anime once a week, with not much progression is not advisable. It has too many details and doesnt want to skip any of it, so wait for it to build, so you can take in all those details at once!!!


Hooray for patience! 

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Once it gets into an Arc where everyone is doing a battle, the story progresses very slowly and once you catch up in episodes it gets even slower because you can't go to one episode to the next.  There is a shit ton of flashbacks for every character nuance, they re-use a lot of their earlier art.

I wish they released 1 hour episodes and not 30 minutes, but that's too much work for once a week. 

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    This is stupid

Stop posting stupid review battles.  You're wasting everyone's time here.  If you don't like it put it into an actual review instead of hate spam.  you know what I means like, rate the art and soundtrack and characters and explain why they aren't good.  You can only really do this if you've watched the show which is the only time you should post a review.  

Also, stop posting back at these fools because that only starts stupid wars like this.  Everyone is being such a fanboy or hater that it is just stupid.  If you like it write a good review, if you don't like it write a bad review, but explain why in either way.  In any case stop posting stupid reviews that don't help anyone at all, there are forums for debating like this.  You aren't posting anything constructive here.  Go away.  

Peace out fools 

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   I agree with Scorpionking428

I have to agree with Scorpionking428 here.This is one of the most boring anime/manga i have ever seen which is drawn out for no reason at all.Plot is really childish like the Main Character wants to be the pirate King but doesn't have the balls to kill people and acts like a saint.I think what Scorpionking428 was meant by Disney getting their pirates right is that Disney's pirates acts like pirates and doesn't act like Saints like Luffy does.

Also, He is right about no character development.Even after hundreds of episodes/chapters Luffy, still acts like a [email protected] Zoro has shown any character development.

I think the reason that One Piece has slow pacing is cause mangaka doesn't want to give up all the money it brings and wants to draw out this story as much as he can.Else there is no reason for him to bore his readers to death when the so called plot is really childish.Magi, a manga that make One Piece looks like Fairy Tail and has more depth and character development in every chapter than One Piece has in it's entire series doesn't bore it's readers for the sake of story.Every chapters of it's is entertaining.One Piece's mangaka really need to really from it's example.

 It's just the same story every arc, strawhats crew uncovers a truth that needs fixing, and main arc characters have tragic past, rinse and repeat and the worst part is that it's happening for 17+ years.  

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How about you scrubs actually try watching an anime series give it 1-2 episodes hell maybe even 10 episodes, if you don't like it after you watch it you don't. Instead all you little twats can do is cry over how much you hate a series when there are forums for this shit.


The show is good, there is character development YOU HAVE TO WATCH THE FUCKING SHOW TO SEE THAT.


It isnt' dragged out with retarded fillers like Naruto. The artwork improves, and the storyline progresses at a steady rate developing its own world rather than just a one shot hey we live in Tokyo 12 episodes later boy + girl date, or 12 episodes later, man or woman defeats evil entity show series ending.


These days fucking children can't appreciate a good storyline. I read a review below this saying "disney can get their pirates right but japan can't"


The fuck pirate has DISNEY ever gotten right? Peter Pans pirate was a fuckwad, Pirates of the Carribean pirates were mostly inspired by other books from a bunch of  various reviews, and even though it was succesfull people don't seem to understand Japan wasn't a pirate nation, they were a feudal nation with many wars on land not sea. Japan isn't spread apart by the ocean to the point where they needed immense naval battles, though I'm sure there were some pirates it isn't their biggest forte.


Though who am I to say it's not like i research this shit. Then again if you really compared one piece to Pirates of the carribean or any other "pirate" shit, its just about the same with added super powers from a mythical fruit from the sea devil or whatever the premise was it's been too long to remember.


So again before you watse your time bitching about how you think a show is terrible, try watching the fucking series a bit it doesn't progress in five minutes it actually takes time to develop like a book would. 

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Sora Skylight
     Great series
This might be the only long going series with a good plot, I know that arcs are basically a new enemy appeared and then defeat him type (normal shounen thing), but at the same time there is a lot more in this series. There are many secrets which are yet to be unravel and there is a long journey ahead. Plus, this series has episodes above 600 and just by watching even 100 episodes of this series a person can never predict its overall development. Art is average, but still it is not repetative. The animations seems to be ruined a lot lately, but the story is getting really interesting and amusing. It might be childish for some people, but still what is childish to begin with? We all watch anime even though many people think it is some lame Chinese cartoon for kids and it might be right for them, but for many of us these so called lame Chinese cartoons are lot more amusing than many of their so called good movies and dramas and sometimes I do think that this series is kind of overrated just like Naruto, bleach, fairy tail and dbz.
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  overrated boring crap

Boring, Childish, overrated, Zero character development, Horrible pacing, Same $#it plot new arc.


Disney can get their pirates right but Japan can't.Oh Well. 

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      URGENT NEWS!!! Don't drop One Piece Now !!! Urgent News !

Everyone who Watch One Piece now know that the intro have gotten long and the épisodes seems very short right now ( i have read the manga and i can say that we are just a little after the middle of the arc ). But, to all the people who love One Piece and are still watching or want to drop the anime , DON'T!! ABSOLUTELY DON'T OR You'L REGRET THIS LATER ! Why ? Well those who are reading the manga and have read the chapter 799 knows why but for the others absolutely don't. I don't want to spoil anyone so i'll say just one thing : We all know that many amazings  twists have happened in One Piece since the start of the anime at episode 1, like the death of ace or the skip of 2 years but at the end of the arc of Dressrossa something happen which is surely the most INCREDIBLY AMAZING TWIST OF ONE PIECE !!!! I can say with confidence ( even though i have watched all the épisodes of one piece) the following sentence : SHIT JUST GOT REAL !!!!!!

PS : For those who are not convinced to not drop the anime even after having reading this, if you want to know why you shouldn't go spoil yoursel with the chapter 799 (read him entirely) or if you want a hint hum... let's say that now Luffy has something in common with White Bear!

Thans to Those who have read this.

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     just an advice

My advice is to watch this anime 1 arc at a time, so wait about 50 episodes and than watch all of them. I've been doing this for the last 150 episodes and it's much more fun this way.

Even if u don't read the manga u can tell when the arc is over by reading the episode's title. For all the fans that are dissapointed on how slow this show is moving, this is my advice for them. We've watched too many episodes to drop this, and i still love this anime because the characters are unique and funny.

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      One & Only

Do you like action , adventures , comedy & some crazy plot twist and deep story? This is your thing no need for more words BUT if there is some  weakness is just the pace of this anime, its pretty slow and for those that say the animation sucks just ignore them it gets better after some season.

P.S. :Just an average review for the king of all animes One Piece is one of a kind :)

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    This is one of your popular Shonen Jump animes
I enjoy One Piece myself. But honestly it's nothing that impressive. I really don't need to make a review on this since it is one of the big 3. But since I see  people just saying it's good watch it, I felt the need to explain for all of our new otakus(: Basically One piece is a good action anime with a better story than Naruto. Only thing that brings the show down is the slowness of the story, the ridiculous amount of episodes, and the looming thoughts that sound something like "They're pirates that never find treasure, help people, and somehow live pretty good lives." Now I'm not saying don't watch One Piece if you haven't. It's good if you want to push through the 600 some episodes. But for the people that watch it hoping to find why it's one of the big 3 within 20 episodes, just stop and move on to one of the other animes. Plenty of them are great
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      best anime

there is no need for me to explain what the anime is about

Everybody knows it by know and you can read it if you open the anime

It's definitely the best anime i've seen

there are also other anime that are very good

Don't stop after watching one episode or if you think it's stupid

it's not stupid and you can see what friends are

you cqn laugh almost every episode and it also has some emotion

See it for yourself 

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     One Piece Review

One Piece is one of the bigger animes and has 600+ episodes out and still not being close to the end. It's about a boy around 17 years named Luffy D Monkey that set sail as a pirate to find the legendary treasure, left by the infamous pirate Gold Roger, which has the same name as the title of the anime; One Piece. Along the way Luffy meet people who join his crew, explore all kinds of islands and fight people that stands in his way. Even though Luffy is a pirate he's actually quite friendly and help people around the world.

The anime have been going on for 14 years and reflect that in the animations were you can cleary see age of the first episodes, but that doesn't take away from the series. However in the later years every female that is somewhat important to the plot hvae huge boobs and slender bodies, which looks quite odd. Also the general childrens heads has grown big. 

The soundtrack for One Piece could be described with one word: Epic. It fills it role in enhancing the moments of heat, but also when they're just goofing around. 

The series still has it's flaws. One of them is that some side-plots feels like they just get abandoned in the middle of it, leaving you wanting more of that in a bad way. I would also like to point out that the series get really drawn out later on, which can sometimes be frustrating. They would maybe do good for One Piece to have some fillers so they can pick up the pace again. The lsat thing about one piece worth mentioning is that in the close to live episodes it seems like the crewmembers have started to lose some of their "charm" and I really hope that it will not continue, as that would ruin the comedy part of One Piece.

In the end I would rate One Piece 3.5 out of five (rounded up to four on the star rating) At this point it can become better, but there's also a risk of it falling a little more. 

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    So much Potential, but bad pacing and Animation

One piece was one of the very first Anime after Dragonball that I watched. It was once my favourite Anime, but since seeing other Anime like Hunter x Hunter 2011 and specially after reading the manga of One Piece I couldnt ignore the flaws of the Anime. My main concern is the boring and low Animation that hinder One Piece to shine, the soundtracks are top notch but there is a lot of filler stuff added. Filler are generally ok but if you make a canon Fight longer by adding filler in it and letting Luffy seem much weaker the he really is ( Hody was beaten in 3 frames in the Manga after crasing into the noah, in the Anime he managed to outspeed Luffy and imake it seem like he is an hard opponent lol ) the as a One piece fan I wont like it. If Madhouse would do the One piece Anime it would deserve more than 5 stars but thats sadly not the case.... 

But If you dont like reading Manga at all then I recommend watching One piece, but the Manga is in my opinion the better choice, even though I normally prefer Anime over Manga ( Hunter x Hunter 2011 by Madhouse) 

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      One of the best anime ever
One Piece is one of the best anime ever . The start is not very good but the story gets better with time and you will fall in love with this anime after first 50 episodes . Many people dont like to start it because of the 600+ episodes but believe me , all those episodes are truly worth a watch . It has one of the best drama in any anime i have seen till now . It has loads of epic scenes , awesome fights , awesome comedy etc ....
Watch it . Its truly awesome .  
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      At first you would think it's childish

i know what you are thinking by watching the first few episodes but believe me, i promise you that you will fall in love with this anime after first 40 episodes. at the beginning it would seem like old school animation work, well it is.

since its been on broadcast since 1999, for past 14 years its been on air and named best action and fun filled anime ever. the animation gets better little by little as you keep watching.


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    It's not bad and it's not good

This is mostly for people who haven't already become a fan.

If your a fan already you don't need to read any further as you've made up your mind.

One Piece has a massive set of lovers and haters, many started watching the series young and unlike pokemon which hasn't grown with it's viewers One Piece does. The downside is that it takes a huge while to get into, I've had friend tell me "oh it gets good after episode 250" and frankly I haven't had time nor the will to get that far and it's not really an anime you can just jump into the middle of, I don't want to give spoilers to explain this but it's hard to do.

So the pros and cons of this anime.


It's long, I don't think it's going to end anytime soon.

Characters are very well done.

Comic relief is great

Fights are Dragon Ball Kind of Epic


Getting into it is so dam hard, partly because of the Pros list.

Animation is just dire, sadly as with Naruto the animation only gets worse with time, this is a big disappointment, however if it is a issue the manga is just as good.

The manga is better, seriously I've watched some of the newer episodes they are slightly animated frames from the manga that drag on for 20 minutes for something which you could read in 5 minutes.

 Overall, 3/5 animation takes it down a huge chunk for me as Anime is about the animation, the strong characters and stories keep it afloat however and die hard fans are always around.

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      ONE PIECE!!!!!
This one of my favorite anime,i grew up watching one piece its has great characters and a good story.Its about a 19 year-old named luffy who wants to be the king of the pirates and fine the greatest treasure of all time : one piece,deeper in the story he meets people who join his crew and sail with and have great adventures with.The main characther monkey d. luffy is when of my favorite anime characters he's funny and powerful he has beaten many foes and foes that can break you with a single punch. Its has good action and good humor and in my opinion thats what anime needs somtimes.Some anime try to do both but fail but this anime has the best of both. The other characters are good to for examples roronoa zoro the swordsman. just like luffy he has dream and that is to be the greatesand the strongest swordsman in the world ! zoro is also a funny character when he argues with the cook,sanji.Sanji is the cook he makes the best food for everone on the ship and he's very powerful too and he fights with he's feet a master kickerhis dream is to see the all blue where the the fish all over the world is in one place. Theres also nami the navigator and theif and its comes to money she'll do anything to get her hands on it her dream is to be the best navigator theres is and make a maps of un discoverd islands. usopp the ships sniper even doe his uses a slingshot as a weapon his's the greatest with its he maybe a coward at some moments but he's quick,smart and know when its time to be a manhis dream is to be  apround warrior of the sea but he long  before that happens. tony tony chopper the ships doctor a reindeer with a blue nose all the reindeers hated him even his parents just because of his blue nose after a devil fruit which is a magic fruit that give a the eater new power and abilities its gave chopper to look half human and half reindeer its gave him to change into different forms at will he left the his home and meet Dr. Hiluluk he rise chopper and gave him the name tony tony chopper before dr.hiluluk died dr.hiluluk ask Dr. Kureha to teach chopper medicine and how to be a real doctor his dream is to the bets doctor thar lived. nico robin the ships archaeologists she becaem on eat the age of 8  she is smart and kind she also hav devil fruit powers its let her summon hands her dream is to find all lost knowledge in the world. the franky the shipwright and cyborg once a student of on the best shipwrights that live franky dream is to have there ship sailed all over the one have great adventures.Theres still more on more crew member but you guy will have to find out yourself watch one piece a anime i grew up watching you guys will love it
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      One Master-Piece!

One Piece is the longest anime I´ve ever watched. Though I´m still watching this dragged out, on-going pirate adventure it has never been boring. Everything about this anime is probably been said already but I simply have to say it myself. This is the best anime I have ever watched!

The manga is fine but I´m not reading it. I find it difficult to read because of all the pictures and text in every page. Its to crowded in my opinion. But the overdrawn manga gives the anime much to work on which is very good. This reduces the amount of fillers and keeps the story on-going. The anime producers does a splendid job making episodes every week and they manage to surprise me every time. The anime is original, exciting, humorous and well-drawn.

But what I find most impressive is the story. The story is mostly about a crew being formed by their captain Monkey D. Luffy who strikes to be the greatest of all pirates. The crew goes through hardship, pain, joy, happiness and an unbreakable bond of friendship. They show true meaning of friendship and what true strength is. This doesnt even cover one fifth of it, but it would take too long to describe everything this story has to offer. If you love fighting and humor, combined with adventure and friendship you will definitly like this anime. Though this is a fight-based anime, it will not contain love. This can be hard to accept though i find it fitting for this anime. It doesnt really have any obvious pairs and it wouldnt be needed in my opinion. Though you miss it sometimes, the anime has so many other great values. If this sounds interesting to you, do give it a try. Take your time watching it and enjoy this great masterpiece Eiichiro Oda has to offer. I guarantee a good experience !

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      Best ever
Its the best ever. Better than shippuden in my opinion
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