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      watch it
Ur taking about episode 13 dont u know 4 months. Later episode 14,15,16 came to continue the story u didnt watch the ending it has a good ending
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  Do not watch the last 3 episodes(14,15,16)

Well, I really loved this anime, but the final ruined everything. I felt worse than being betrayed more like never being able to watch any kind romance anime anymore. At least you can say the final is unexspecting, as if someone thought: Oh, I have no ideas anymore why not this ending. 

To be fair it was overall funny, but to prevent people from the same feeling that I had: 

Watch it and leave the last three episodes out and the anime will be a good memory.

(I have said that, but I think I made a mistake by using the words "do not", because many people will be tempted to do it though^^. However this is not an advice, it is more like a plea for your own good)

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      Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai 2

If you like a good comedy/twist love story you will enjoy this anime love story. This anime will sure make yo sad and happy at the same time and it connects to real life love issues high school teens but also tell an important message about true love....

Watch the first season of this anime and slowly you will understand why I loved this show soo much and you should too. 

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