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      Kotoura-san review and rating

     This anime really is a school, romance - comedy. Absolutely the one of the most under-rated yet not recognized by many, which really deserves the attention. The anime gives a great light - hear-ted feel after completion, you might wish for a second season due to its comedy and a bit of extra story boarding added in this series.


  I had great laughs and a lot of fun watching this anime, with a great-sense of humor and balanced plot I would recommend to those that enjoy, Romance, Comedy, School and Supernatural genres anime shows.

 Final Rating 5/5, great anime deserves a good review and recognition. 

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     A well balance comedy.. so far

Okay so far this is a good anime, it has facets of derpy comedy and traumatic experiences. I clicked on this without really reading the description so when it went into Kotoura-chans story I was surprised.

In my mind it does a good job balancing the “serious” bits. The comedy is great but those serious moments balance it out.

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      Best Anime of the season
This anime is by far the best one from this season. It is just a very good combination of romance and tragedy. It is an anime that can make you feel happy and sad in the same time. Overall, its definitely recommended!
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This is how a troubled girl with ESP life changes from a sad lonely world into a Romance School Comedy. Filled with hope, friends, and a chance to be a joyful high school girl. 

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