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      "Its all up to you"
This will probably always be one of my favourite animes and I can't even tell you why as it does not really fit into any of the normal moulds that I like but that, in a way, is one of the reasons I like it. It's a really dark anime that explores the souls of man and this is brought to light in the conflict that arises between the 2 main characters where the one is supposedly good and the other bad and that is where the tension arises but in there relationship it delves into the whole concept of us all actually being "grey" with society demanding of us to relegate ourself to a specific denomination. But if all that deeper meaning physiological satirical introspection does not appeal to you the anime stands well on just its epically awesome action too!!! Some interest in the series might also be garnered from female audiences as this is one of the animes where all the stronger roles are filled by women 
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