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After a week of shut-inshut-in I watched this anime before going to school ...now I wanna go back ininside the house
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      Angel Beats! Review Spoiler Free


Superb series, well planned and enjoyable throughout with just enough comedy and moments that make even the toughest grown man cry like a baby. The setting is original and very thought provoking as well as utterly bewildering at the beginning which makes us empathize with the main character Yuzuru Otonashi as he comes to terms with where, and what, he now is.  The cast are, for the most part well developed and we get the specific back stories of some of them in very deep detail and this is one of the show's best aspects, the way the flashbacks are done. There are no whole episode flashbacks, they are integrated smoothly and are used brilliantly to develop the plot (and make us all tear up). The animation of the series is solid, though not exceptional, and the series has a general feeling of being well planned, paced and executed.


Well paced, beautifully crafted plot, intriguing concept, good comedic elements, well developed characters and a tear-jerking ending.


None to speak of, the only reason you could dislike this anime is because you as a person did not like it or, for some reason, objected to its content. Clinically it is as sound a series as you are ever going to find.

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Angel Beats! takes place at a high school acting as a limbo for those who have died, where students learn to give up any lingering attachments they still have from life before passing on. Those in the afterlife school can still feel pain as they did when they were alive, as well as dying again, only to awaken later with no injuries. The story follows the main protagonist Otonashi, a boy who lost his memories of his life after dying. He meets Yuri, a girl who invites him to join the Afterlife Battlefront SSS Shinda Sekai Sensen an organization she founded and leads which fights against God for the cruel fates the SSS members experienced in life. In the SSS, there is a four-girl band named Girls Dead Monster that acts as a diversion during missions, and an organization called the Guild that mass produces weapons out of dirt and supplies them to the SSS. Their only enemy is Angel, a girl who has supernatural powers and fights against the SSS. Angel creates her powers with the aid of a computer program called Angel Player. The rest of the afterlife school is populated by a large number of "normal" students and teachers Yuri deems "non-player characters" (NPCs) as they are not human, but look and act the part.


Through the series you learn of how the many characters passed on, and follow along with them in their fight against Angel. The show itself is full of powerful emotions leaving the audience crying, laughing, or just relating with the characters themselves giving the show a rating of 5/5 I recommend watching this if you have not as it really makes you think about the life you're living, and  if you're really satisfied with how things are.



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      is sooo awsome
if you watch this youll get along with the anime so well when your at the last episode youll be crying your eyes out or holding back with all your power its epic especially the music makes you wanna get up sing along and dance
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      Epic in Every Respects

I have seen Bleach, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Naruto, Naruto Shippuden and so on. Those are all great anime but I place this anime above all of them without a second thought. This anime, without a doubt, is the best anime I have seen thus far and I can tell you now, I have seen countless anime.

The animation itself is beautiful. The lines are smooth, the colors are vibrant and they flow, the shading is perfect so it brings out the characters perfectly and of course the girls are cute. The setting adds a more realistic element to it because its school. People spend most of their time in school in the early years of their life so it makes the audience feel more at home. Physically, the anime is beautiful.

The characters are all dynamic. They each have their own style that is completely different from each other. That individualism only adds to the depth of the anime because it's like you're getting a little bit of everything. you have a martial arts master, a ninja, a jock, a dancer, a singer, a leader and more. Each of those qualities is represented perfectly in the characters. When anime characters actually have character, the anime is that much more enticing.

The idea behind the anime is absolutely intriguing. If you do not believe the idea behind this anime, a world exists where those who lived unfulfilled lives can find happiness, is not interesting in any way then you must be brain dead! It makes me so curious! This is the kind of curiosity that I think anime should have because this is a kind of curiosity we can never quell. We cannot all die and then come back and talk about it with everyone. It's a one way street. We can only speculate about what we might find on the other end of that one way street. This is one possibility that is plausible.

I love how God was not made a factor in this. People are the ones who die so they should have control... and they DID! The best example is angel (tachibana). She gave herself those powers. I love it.

 Also, this anime has action, comedy, a slice of life, romance (slightly) and more! Some anime fail when they try to include so many genre but this anime ties it together flawlessly. This anime can make you laugh and before you realize it, you'll be crying by the end of it. This anime is the only one I ahve truly encountered which deserves this title: epic.

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      Angel Beats Review (Best I say)

I completely love this anime... such a good breath taking storyline.  Kept you thinking what would be next you know. I completely love the voice actors and perfect stories behind each one of the characters.  At first i didn't know what was going on like why were they fighting God, but soon learn why later.  I completely love this anime because it's just really good anime that i haven't seen in a long time... I recently watch lots of animes with TnA's LOL  I just love it.. like everytime anyone wanna start a convo bout anime ima tell about this.. this is like those animes like Naruto or Bleach that just gotta be famous  i love the simple anime designs and if it didnt have a simple design i believe it woulda been more epic  shoot no homo but it almost made me cry at the end... AND LOTS OF STUFF DON'T MAKE ME CRY!!!!

Completely recommend to all anime lovers,... well if you like these types of anime

 - Sovoanarith Srey ... I JUST WANTED TO SAYMY BDAY APRIL 24 turnin 16 WOOP

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     Angel beats

The truly great thing about this anime is that all the girls have the classic generic attitude, but it's so well put together that you almost don't really care. It has it's awesome kick-ass moments, but also it's stupid moments...There is one sad part that makes you think about people that were in those situations, but other than that this is a classic anime. The only bad part was the repetition of fights with the angel, and the ending was not up-to-par with the storyline.

This and baka test were probably the beats anime of 2010 in my opinion :p

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      Awesome Anime!
I strongly recommend this anime for all of you anime fans that like action! It's mixed with drama, action, and comedy. I laughed so hard when I watched this. I was sad when it ended, but this anime was worth the time I waited! No matter how serious the moment was, I always had a good laugh!
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     Star Crossed Anime Blog Review

For Angel Beats, Key decided to go into a completely different direction: no more visual novels but instead a straight-up anime production, instead of being a straight-up drama, it tosses in all kinds of different genres, it’s got a much more upbeat mood than any other Key work so far, but at the same time it still has some of the elements that made Air , Clannad and Kanon so addictive. It’s definitely a great premise in theory.

It’s a comedy, adventure story, action series, drama, and sometimes also a romance and slice of life series, but at its core Angel Beats is a fully fledged mystery-series. The characters are thrown into a setting they know nothing about, and gradually it unfolds its true nature. Really, the biggest reason why you’d want to watch this series is for the creativity, and the large amount of ideas that the creators tried to put into it. They really tried to create an original world with a lot of depth behind it, and the mystery itself is written quite skillfully to make optimal use of how it unfolds, resulting in a great climax.

The rest of the series would be best described as ‘chaos’, both in the good and in the bad ways. Over thirteen episodes, the pacing is really all over the place. It makes for a number of interesting episodes, but at times the series also just stops trying to make sense. A lot of scenes are just disjointed from each other, and this series hops from one plot twist to the other without much of a transition.

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