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probably one of the best amine's made. It's thrilling with great action scenes and has an amazing story line which will get you hooked from episode one. you probably wont find another anime like it out their in the anime market, Its unique among anime's and will truly fulfil all your expectations without a doubt. 
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   Fullmetal alchemist but for kids..
A goodie goodie kiddie version of fullmetal alchemist because the current generation is a bunch of pussies who cant handle a little gore even though you see shit in newspapers everyday, so after express written permission of their parents and turning off their fifteen gamesystems and overpowered PC's our glorious children cling tightly to their mothers and watch shit on TV only if it has a plot where there's always a harem and the whole world smells like pancakes, and even if there's a slight, I mean a small tiny iota of an inclination of a serious plot, they flip shit. They bend over their own mothers and have their way with them, they then turn them over for seconds. The producers of these shows see this and hence make kiddy versions of these shows instead of a proper brutal sequel. Want to watch FMA? Then watch Fullmetal Alchemist, dont waste time on this bullshit.
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      Best anime ever
Anyone who likes action/great character development/story will love this anime, a must watch for anyone who likes anime. You will not be disappointed trust me. And no fillers all story, you will want to watch every episode in a row
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      One of my top ten, watch it!

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the manga take on what was first shown a few years ago as the Full Metal Alchemist. It goes a bit further in making things clearer to the viewer than in the first one, but it seems to be less "darker" than Full Metal Alchemist.

Full Metal Alchemist is what I consider one of the must see anime, either one actually. It envolves two brothers who use alchemy (what one my consider as magic to an extent) in an attempt to revive their dead mother. From that moment one the story centers on the idea of equvilant or equal(?) exchange. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood is certainly less sombre than its predessor I think but it is just as good if not better.

For those who don't mind a bit of gore, plenty of action and some snipets of phylosofical questioning, definately an anime to watch out for!

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only 0.3 points off from Code Geass from a perfect score and slightly better then the 9.5 from Full metal panic. This IS the ultimate Adventure catagory anime. The action is wonderful and the plot is just ingenius, character design is average, but the animation is so smooth you can see how much money they put into this remake. 

          It is the full original story from the manga, furthering the plot than the first release "Full metal Alchemist".  Character development, setting and content is just the best. There is NO STALLING scenes, in other words "Vegeta staredowns", and its a 64 episodes anime. You'll be begging for more after you've watched this. 

If you liked this anime, try out Code Geass the granddaddy of all animes, and full metal panic 3 seasons all having 50-60 episodes each. And realise what you've been missing in the anime world.  

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      Favorite or second favorite anime. The decision is tough.
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is an amazing show, one of the best anime/manga ever in my opinion. The story is about Edward and Alphonse Elric, two young skilled alchemist, who's mother died of disease. In an attempt to revive her they preform the taboo of human transmutation which, as they soon find, is tabooed for a reason; sacrificing his left leg right arm and brothers whole body in the process. Quickly he binds his brothers soul to a huge suit of armor. Getting outfitted with an automail arm and leg, Joining the military as a state alchemist, and firming his resolve; he embarks on his journey for the fabled philosopher stone and to restore he and his brothers bodies. During the course of the show several gripping deep charters are met, twist after twist are revealed, and charter growth is easily apparent. My only real problem with the show is its short length. The length hinders the show by making things seem slightly rushed. Cool and important charters don't get enough screen time or development, things suffer from lack of full explanation, and problems are made and solved in a snap. Overall "Brotherhood" is a great anime. The story is maybe the best and most gripping ive seen from any anime, and the powers and fights are totally bad ass! If only it were longer!      
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      FMA Rulezzzzzz

This is the pure FullMetal Alchemist and has nothing to do with the first season that was "something" that had the same name and characters.. This is the real and dark story, as in the original manga. One of the best series I’ve ever watched with good animation rates and as far as plot is concerned, it deserves a 100%

I suggest it to people who prefer shounen manga/anime like Naruto, One piece, Bleach, D. gray-man or shaman king….

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