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The series Kurokami is based upon the idea that in this world there are three people identical to each other. A system known as the Doppeliner System. When you meet your identical match you will die be it accident, murder, or other. The story follows a boy named Keita Ibuki whose mother passed away seven years prior to the storyline after meeting a woman who looked just like her. Through his life Keita keeps himself distant from everyone in his life, hoping that it will protect them from dying as he believes everyone around him passes on.

One day Keita encounters a mysterious black haired girl named Kuro,  she is what's known as a Tera guardian those who maintain the balance of the co-existance equilibrium  maintaining the flow of "Tera" which could also be described as energy of sorts. She is set out on killing her brother Reishin who has murdered their clan, and his own mother in the guise of destroying what are known as Terra stones.


Keita and Kuro enter what's called a pact where one exchanges their heart with a terra guardian and gain power to fight. Through the series they encounter many obstacles, watch many die, and fight in their hope to defy destiny. The series was filled with many high quality battles, much in depth thought, and can really identify with those who question existence itself. 


There's much more to the story, but you'll have to watch to find out. I give this show a 4/5 rating. It inspires one to actually think about what they're doing in life, who they are, and do they have it in themselves to fight for what they want; at least that's what I've taken from this series.

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