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Pokemon Episode 1
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Posted by:  lord poseidon1, 632 days ago
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first of all ash u don't go dragging ur pokemon around and don't talk to a pokemon when u catch it like its gnna be a slave

enjoy ur last moment of freedom bird-ash said

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Posted by:  ocana1809, 784 days ago
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Nidorino, Nidorino, Ectoplasma, Gengar, Onix, Onix, Dodrio, Dodrio, Pikachu, Pikachu, Roucool, Pidgey, Rattata, Rattata, Piafabec, Spearow, Sabelette, Sandshrew, Férosinge, Mankey, Magicarpe, Magikarp, Léviator, Gyarados.

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Posted by:  DarkSpawn, 808 days ago
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What can I say, first episode of one of the most iconic animes ever. Graphics where bad but with all the memories connected to it you can help but love it!

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Posted by:  Anonymous, 2629 days ago

how does ash not know to weaken the pok'emon first, he just wasted a perfectly good pok'eball!

Posted by:  Anonymous, 2630 days ago

ur a fagr

Posted by:  Anonymous, 2651 days ago

thats ash's original voice

Posted by:  Anonymous, 2653 days ago

Pikachu is so cute.And ashes vioce is weird

Posted by:  Anonymous, 2655 days ago

ahh!! pikachu!!

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