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The Battle in the Ryugu Palace! Zoro vs. Hordy! - Robin ventures into the forest in search of ancient secrets, Zoro takes to the water for a slicing, dicing showdown with Hordy Jones, and Luffy is branded a royal kidnapper by an angry mob of fish folk!
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Posted by:  J Jones, 1451 days ago
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Dont Die Sanji lol Ha HA

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Posted by:  angelroby, 1451 days ago
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omg still no fight since luffy became strong -_-

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Posted by:  problem naruto, 1451 days ago
0 Videos: | 0 Favorites | 0 Friends

Sanji if you turn around your
gonna die, haha. Good ass
episode indeed my friends.

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Posted by:  getsuga_teshou, 1451 days ago
0 Videos: | 0 Favorites | 6 Friends

i thought they would at least get to the part were sanji turns around or the end of the fight with zoro but it was good nonetheless.

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