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Luffy Becoming an Apprentice?! a Man Who Fought Against the King of the Pirates! - Luffy and his friends vow to defeat the giant tiger that's been stealing their food, Ace gets angry when his father's identity is revealed, and Sabo's parents hire pirates to track down their son!
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Posted by:  3751nixon, 1928 days ago
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Young Luffy is fucking annoying.

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Posted by:  Naruto_Kun, 1929 days ago
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these arenrt fillers :D.These are in the manga too.read it and you will know.Bleach and naruto is full iof fillers,but one piece always folows the manga.And they remebering the childhood in the manga so does the anime.

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Posted by:  JohnnyNunez1, 1929 days ago
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This episode was boring I hope the next episode is going to be more exciting

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Posted by:  Fow, 1930 days ago
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a filler again....-sigh- the last one was better this one....not so good.....

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Posted by:  bigjjsmooth, 1930 days ago
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man looks like this is going to be a long arc they spent the last 3 eps on a single chapter In the Manga and still aren't at the end (manga chapter 585). I reckon their is about 10 - 12 eps before it returns to the present :(

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Posted by:  somebody, 1930 days ago
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Not bad, but still mostly filler...

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