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Jinchuriki vs. Jinchuriki!
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Posted by:  hohenheimoflight, 1014 days ago
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tht lil flash back wasn't tht bad stinky kush your bitching bout shit thts irevalent,...... go smoke more of tht fake ass Dro.....u should watch this shit on xanax and dro.....the only way 2 watch it for me,........ just hope we get 2 see up to where itachi and kabuto fight,.....since there gonna release the chapter in the game as a DLC

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Posted by:  SharinganMasterX, 1017 days ago
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Posted by:  StinkyKush, 1018 days ago
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why did it have to waste 5 mins showing the kisame vs 4 tail part again.. I don't see why they wouldnt just all attack bee from different directions, hes such an easy to hit and big target

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Posted by:  problem naruto, 1018 days ago
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Wow shit is moving fast. Bijuu
mode here we come.

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Posted by:  narutopiece, 1018 days ago
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Good episode. Next week's episode looks even better in terms of animation. It seems to me that they are going to use the animation style that they did for the Madara Uchiha episode.

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Posted by:  mckey73, 1018 days ago
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Posted by:  DarkOne, 1018 days ago
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Nice episode. I enjoy the tiny history between Roshi & Kisame.

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