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The Mizukage, the Giant Clam, and the Mirage - Paradox -
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Posted by:  YPSweet, 512 days ago
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This is getting a bit too silly.. funny nonetheless.

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Posted by:  Jizzysama, 1225 days ago
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I can totally relate to StinkyKush's comment. Ive really enjoyed Naruto+ Naruto Shippuuden from the start (aside from the fillers) but the war so far is a big disappointment. On 1 hand I can understand that course it took but on the other hand it's just lame to have 90% of the participants in the war at genin level. I also wonder why the ones controlled have their personalities/consciousness. If they had just taken it away, it could have provided much more epic battles instead of the awkward (what some people might think is funny) moments like the mizukage in this episode giving the allied forces a chance over and over again. This way it hardly makes any sense (of course a lot of things don't but this just is ridiculous). Okay, thats it for explaining this war being lame so far. I have to admit I'm glad to see most comments here are so positive. Perhaps I'm just growing to old to still care?

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Posted by:  StinkyKush, 1226 days ago
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man these fights are getting worse and worse, this episode was pure shit. Why is Kabuto letting them keep their personalities if they are going to reveal how to beat them and why is he doing 1 attack every 20 minutes... For Kages of the past they should of wiped out the whole battalion (minus gaara, temari and tsuchikage) in 1 minute. Just pure garbage, the war just keeps getting lamer and lamer... I wish after the first day of fighting with white zetzu all these lame ass second rate shinobi stopped getting shown and we just saw some actual bad ass 1 on 1 fights. Because by the way these characters are fighting so shittily it gives off the impression that the Akatsuki members were the strongest shinobi in the history of the world (other than madara and first hokage) the fights against them were way more intense and way more exciting to watch. Now it just feels like the creator tried to have too many fights and instead of developing each fight properly he half ass's them and ends them all after 2-3 jutsus are used. I mean for gods sake Gaaras dad (kazekage) couldn't even dodge one sand attack. No wonder he was killed by Kimimaro so easily and the sand is by far the weakest country. Edo tensei ruined the show

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Posted by:  StinkyKush, 1226 days ago
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why is it that when ever I post comments with my facebook account I can never see peopels reponses to me, but on my facebook it says people have responded??

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Posted by:  problem naruto, 1226 days ago
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Fucking hilarious indeed. Also another
great episode as well.

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Posted by:  DarkOne, 1226 days ago
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Nice episode. I enjoy how the anime team take their time with each episode.

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Posted by:  jnw, 1226 days ago
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another 300 episodes to come??

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Posted by:  narutopiece, 1226 days ago
0 Videos: | 21 Favorites | 0 Friends

This episode was sooooo FUNNY, that i almost p*ssed my self LOL. I love the 2nd Mizukage, he is AWESOME XD

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