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Sex and the Sisterhood - Tsukimi and her friends are a bunch of nerds plagued by crippling social anxieties, but a late night jellyfish rescue mission and the arrival of a mysterious Stylish Girl are about turn their lives upside down!
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Posted by:  booring, 1627 days ago
0 Videos: | 21 Favorites | 7 Friends

i wasnt gonna watch this but the end made it funny, gonna take a look at the second ep

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Posted by:  moretafuss, 1793 days ago
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rrry Yell
'm sooooo sorry

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Posted by:  sakura011, 1807 days ago
0 Videos: | 24 Favorites | 8 Friends

This show isn't getting as much as it should of. Even though it doesn't seem like much at first, it soon turns into an very interesting and entertaining show and more people should watch it!

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Posted by:  FruitsPunchSamurai, 1853 days ago
0 Videos: | 0 Favorites | 3 Friends

it was pretty interesting and unique, i'll give it a shot

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Posted by:  hitmanjere, 1855 days ago
0 Videos: | 0 Favorites | 0 Friends

imma pass on this one......

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Posted by:  YPSweet, 1855 days ago
0 Videos: | 73 Favorites | 1 Friends

lol how unique~ this was really funny and genuinely interesting.
nice illustrational style.

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Posted by:  animeguy004, 1855 days ago
0 Videos: | 0 Favorites | 0 Friends

ok, wtf??!!!! there'sa a lot of animes like these nowadays.

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Posted by:  reaperdmoney, 1855 days ago
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