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Plan! - With the stress of final exams looming ahead, the girls decide a vacation abroad will be the perfect reward for all of their hard work.
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Basketball Training Grounds

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Posted by:  giedrius233, 1082 days ago
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Posted by:  YPSweet, 1648 days ago
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aw I'm gonna miss this~

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Posted by:  Th3Mundy, 1696 days ago
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Wow a Beatles reference at 5:00.

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Posted by:  gogeta, 1711 days ago
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This has made me so damn happy. And plz make a new season between 2012 & 2013. K-ON!! FAN 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by:  itachiNinetyOne, 1711 days ago
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"NO RICE NO LIFE" lol :) that was funny.

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Posted by:  (soul reaper), 1712 days ago
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Posted by:  MrJc, 1712 days ago
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man watching this makes me miss k on so muchi >.< im soo glad their making 2 new mangas one for the one girl whose still in high school and than one for yuiand them in college which IM HOPING FOR new anime session :##

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Posted by:  kmijares17, 1717 days ago
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Yaaay! Finally the bonus ep is out!

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