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Year: 2013
Tags: Comedy, Demons, Ecchi, Romance, School, Shounen, Harem
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity

Highschool DxD New

Second season of Highschool DxD.
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SUB - Ep. 12
Sep 22 2013
SUB - Ep. 11
Sep 15 2013
SUB - Ep. 10
Sep 8 2013
SUB - Ep. 9
Sep 1 2013
SUB - Ep. 8
Aug 25 2013
SUB - Ep. 7
Aug 18 2013
SUB - Ep. 6
Aug 11 2013
SUB - Ep. 5
Aug 4 2013
SUB - Ep. 4
Jul 28 2013
SUB - Ep. 3
Jul 21 2013
SUB - Ep. 2
Jul 14 2013
Ep. 1
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"Highschool DxD New" Reviews
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     Pretty good and funny but...
God damnit this anime would have been a perfect for me but it has to me an annoying and recurring flaw. I really hate the main character's motivation and main goal. i mean at the beginning for the first few times and in the first season i laughed but in this season it really does get to be annoying and takes much away from those moments when the protagonist should be a badass but aside from that personal complaint it is pretty good
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     A Much Better Guilty Pleasure!

Like I said in my review of the original high school DXD, I do not normally watch this genre of anime. But hey! The fact that I have sticked with it this long should say something! I enjoyed this season much better than the first one. The premise, although unoriginal, was still well done and entertaining. Unlike the first season, there were many episode where I was like “damn I gotta see what happens next!” I loved how they actually had character development to get us more attached to the characters rather than just tons of boobs! Over it was surprisingly epic, much better than the first DXD. The only thing I didn’t like was the fan service, as stated last time, i feel that it is a distraction. but this time I knew what I was getting into! Aside from that I thought the last 2 episodes were very fast paced. Too fast, I felt like they tried to cram too much in, so it wasn’t as epic as I would of liked. I can’t believe I am saying this ahaha but I am looking forward to the next season! ;) 

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     MAN anime ++++
I enjoy this anime, fan service is nice. action is epic "funny too" is not a mainstream but hell is fun as hell to watch. big boobs, small boobs, perfect boobs. if u like boobs this anime is it! u get to see em all! the story is not bad, and the hero is emmm..hmm a guy just like the rest of us i'm sure. If your a Perv this anime is what your looking for! 4 out of 5. because i like the story and the hero is Epic! if i die and born again let it be me lol
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      Just Epic
You guys really need to go read the light novels, is more erotic and ecchi then the anime... This anime deserve 5 out of 5... research first guys.. and all the stupid things have a meaning
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