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Macross Alpha
This Clan is for those whom just wants to watch anime. If you believe that anime is the life blood of otakus, them feel @ home here.
Tags: Anime is life
Status: public
Created: 21 days ago

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bad ass
Tags: peverted
Status: public
Created: 59 days ago

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Nomadic Slaves
We're just a group of Nomads who are slaves to all things anime , manga, light novels and video games. We wander from genre to genre as we enlighten ourselves and express our zeal through discussion.
Tags: Anime, manga, light novel
Status: public
Created: 81 days ago

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Nakama Alliance
If you frequent the website and are just looking for people to talk about shows, manga, video games, etc. this can be the place to do so. Let\'s become nakama and share opinions and theories on our favorite topics listed above!
Tags: Nakama Alliance
Status: public
Created: 245 days ago

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For anyone that loves and enjoys Anime as much as I do!
Tags: 4peoplewholovesanime
Status: public
Created: 286 days ago

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Anime Editor & Writer
For those who wants to suggest or view their Anime Script or Video for comments and reactions come and join here.
Tags: A E & W
Status: protected
Created: 292 days ago

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Tags: Shinigami substitute
Status: public
Created: 294 days ago

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Gods of Anime
Welcome to the Anime Gods of Anime! We are a group if anime lovers, that come together as a clan, to do group anime activities and more! Join today.
Tags: Gods Anime
Status: public
Created: 456 days ago

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Come and hang out we talk about anime. Sadly I wont be online as much but make this your home
Tags: stuff
Status: public
Created: 458 days ago

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Yesterday\'s News Squad
Rtikle Gaming (the great) and his crew, no one else... Or you will die...
Tags: YNsq
Status: protected
Created: 485 days ago

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Otaku Hearts
Anyone who loves anime is welcome to join. Romance/Action themed ones are always up for discussion, along with any other genre. Opinions on anime(s) are always up for debate and speculation.
Tags: HOTD, Hunter X Hunter 2011, Clannad, Shakugan no Shana
Status: public
Created: 501 days ago

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iran anime
We love anime, we live for anime, anime rules
Tags: all anime
Created: 518 days ago

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