Hi, I'm cnpanime94!

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Age: 22
Gender: Male
Relation: Open
Hometown: Orlando,Florida
Current City: Orlando
Current Zip/PO code: 32837
Country: Florida
Schools: FHS
Interests & Hobbies: Watching anime and reading manga,comics and book.Also watch T.V and play video games.
Favorite Movies & Shows: Naruto,DBZ,Bleach,Elfin Lied,YuYuHakuso
Favorite Music: I like rock.I don\\\\\\\'t listen to rap that much.
Favorite Books: Naruto,Bleach,One Piece,Rosario+Vampire,YuYuHakusho

About Me:
 I'm a nice guy once u get to know me.I love anime and manga too as u can tell.I'm also pretty lazy around the house too.I can get a bit crazy too. But I'm mostly  a laid back kind of guy.
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