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(Sub) The Staw Hat's Hard Battles! a Pirate Soul Risking It All for the Flag! - Robin is shocked by her encounter with an adorable bounty hunter, Franky and Nami get trapped in a frozen shark, and Luffy's quest to recapture his flag sends him sinking toward the bottom of the sea!
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Posted by:  renskiii, 2137 days ago
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megavide0 is da w0rst

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Posted by:  omegabeast, 2216 days ago
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...this plot better be over soon. its boring and there is no way it should be hard for the strawhat crew unless a bunch of stupid things happen. i want to see stronger opponents and better fights. "hey marines, send one of the admirals other than that ice dude after them. if they beat him then their bounty will double again. (and chopper needs to go on a rampage to get a bigger bounty.)

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Posted by:  Anonymous, 2289 days ago

sanji is an idiot....man i swear these guys better not give them any trouble at all especially after the Strawhats just took down the CP9 these guys should be a walk in the park!

Posted by:  Anonymous, 2305 days ago

megavideo Suxr

Posted by:  Anonymous, 2308 days ago

i hate megavideo!!!

Posted by:  Lmfao, 2344 days ago
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I'm getting tired of that couple lmao

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Posted by:  zaika21, 2352 days ago
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thanks for the upload!

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Posted by:  kill4peace, 2372 days ago
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a high quality episode again :Dr

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Posted by:  william, 2377 days ago
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to slow

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Posted by:  angelgraceroxas, 2395 days ago
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