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Year: 2012
Tags: Comedy, Parody, School, Shounen, Harem
Rating: PG 13 - Teens

Seitokai no Ichizon Lv2

New Seitokai no Ichizon anime.
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SUB - Ep. 9
Mar 13 2013
SUB - Ep. 8
Mar 6 2013
SUB - Ep. 7
Feb 27 2013
SUB - Ep. 6
Feb 20 2013
SUB - Ep. 5
Feb 13 2013
SUB - Ep. 4
Feb 6 2013
SUB - Ep. 3
Jan 30 2013
SUB - Ep. 2
Jan 23 2013
SUB - Ep. 1
Jan 16 2013
SUB - Ep. 0
Oct 16 2012
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"Seitokai no Ichizon Lv2" Reviews
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     Could have been better, but still good

At first I was happy to that there was a sequel of an anime being one of my favorites. But sadly, the only thing that might be a little upgraded for some people, is the animation(I prefer the artstyle of season 1^^).

Don't misunderstand me it is still funny, but somehow Comedy and the story telling is not like it used to be. The most astonishing achievement of the prequel was for me the way how they combined Comedy and Drama, but now there are not many touching moments and if there were any, they were not executed very well.(You can't really connect to these situatation like before)

The most disappointing point for me was that they do not use any Parody anymore, which influenced the first season greatly, but as I said, it is still funny, but to lesser degree.

I also hoped see some background story to each character and how they exactly met and influcenced the main character.Sadly, the only information we get is the same we got in the first season: these 4 scenes in each seasons. So, we still don't know how these situations came about and why the MC was so depressed and disoriented at that time. The lack of information causes another problem: Somehow the conflict the MC had in the past does not seem so tragic anymore.
In fact, it is told in way that you question yourself: Was there ever a problem ?

To be fair, there are some touching/romantic moments, but if you think about circumstances(graduation, transfer), the anime could have done better than the first season, especially in the final(it is touching, but you don't have this "they will never be together again"-feeling).

In short:

The anime is good in terms of Comedy(even without Parody) and animation, but does not have the same impact as its predecessor in terms of integrating drama in a suitable way.
Soundtrack and opening are not something you will remember later on and some people complain about the change of Voice Actors, but it did not affect the anime that much in my opinion.(Maybe through the change of Chizuru her darker moments were not as good as before, but only a little)

So, people who love comedy will love this anime and those who know the predecessor, will be a little disappointed, but it is still enjoyable. (So, actually only 3,5 of 5)          

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