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Year: 2012
Tags: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen
Rating: PG 13 - Teens


This story is about the flow of fate and the battle to keep the world on the right path. Aladdin is a boy who has set out to explore the world after being trapped in a room for most of his life. His best friend is a flute with a djinn in it named Ugo. Soon enough, Aladdin discovers he is a Magi, a magician who chooses kings, and he was born to choose kings who will follow the righteous path, battling against those who want to destroy fate. Follow his adventures as he meets others from 1000 Arabian Nights, like Ali Baba and Sinbad, and fights to keep the balance of world in check!

(Source: MU)
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"Magi" Reviews
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      watch if you have never read the manga

I recommend this show for anyone who hasn't read the manga because:


  1. if you have not read the manga you will not notice what parts have been missed out, which seems to be the only complaint of some of the manga readers.
  2. this anime has good fight scenes, interesting characters, supernatural abilities, and a splash of comedy. The same ingredients as any of the top amines on this site
  3. chuck norris said this was his favourite anime. 
  4. i made up number 3 


The only downside to this anime is that they have started subbing it 3 days or so after it is released.  

Two other animes that I recommend are hunterxhunter (new one and origonal. Although i prefer the original) and Kuroko no basket (didn't expect to enjoy a basketball anime, but it was surprisingly awesome)  

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At first I thought the anime was quite boring and from what I've read, the anime series skips chunks of parts from the manga. Which you do notice; like when you realise that all of a sudden they're like a year or half ahead so you don't really get to see the development. On top of that the blonde guy "Alibaba" one of the main protagonist gets slightly annoying in the later episodes due to him being a complete downer and just lacking self esteem. Which I just don't think is a desired characteristic on a leading role. It does kind off remind you of that round hero from Accel World but all that being said, it does grow on you and keeps you interested enough to keep you coming back every week.

Overall an OK watch. Really just a back up anime when good series end or don't air the same week 

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      bit of spoilers here and there nothing too bad though maybe the ugo thing

let me first start off by saying aladdin is super cute @ _ @

im loving the story so far ; _ ; i hope ugo doesnt die 

sometimes it felt as if it was a kids anime but then i saw boobies

the anime did feel a bit rushed with the tribe but maybe they're rushing to the good part :> not implying its bad just that tribe episode was a bit rushed though

the animation seems pretty cool  i hope the anime stays running for a long time c:



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     Good as it stands, for now

I was excited to see they would be doing an anime adaptation of the manga series, and so far I've been relatively pleased. They have indeed skipped through several chapters of the manga in the first few episodes here, but I don't think the pacing will work out like that continuously going forward. I'm hoping that they will install some more of Morg's backstory as they loop her into the series a bit more. The manga has a bit more flexibility when it comes to controlling the flow of the character backstory and how it meets up with the current events of the story, so I wouldn't be surprised if some things are left until a little later. I hope this is the case. Otherwise, for those who HAVEN'T read the manga, I trust that this will be just as enjoyable regardless.

 If I were seeing it without having read the manga, I'd be loving it just the same.


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     Still good even with some changes? lets find out!

i am a huge fan of Magi ever since i first read chapter 1, so its a given when i say i was exited when they announced an anime. did it live up to the expectations? lets find out!

when i watched the first episode i did laugh and i did get exited, but i did react on how they had changed some parts from the manga. the series starts on chapter two, and even at the first 10 seconds we can point out what they have changed, but the question is dose it matter? the answer is NO. Even one piece changed the first episodes from the manga and look how that turned out! yes, i know that they removed the first chapter, but dose it matter? the characters shown in the first Chapter in the manga is not important, the important ones are our three main characters: Aladdin, Alibabba and Morigana.i know they moved the characters locations aswell (Morigana in the cage with the slaves that also shoudn`t be there) but it dosen`t matter! the important part is still there, we get an insight in how alibabba is! that is the important part.

now to the dungeon! they changed parts about the traps in the dungeon, but it dosent matter and to be honest i liked this version better then the manga! it showed a more dangerous aspect to dungeons! in the manga it was to pick the right cave, that is just boring. In the anime however it looked way more dangerous. yes, alibabba was supposed to have fallen in a pit and not get hidden behind a fire pillar (also io have seen people ask how he survied that, the answer is easy its all about the angle you see it from, he wasnt even inside the flame just behind it, and it i am wrong then it just surrounded him, but didnt touch our hurt him) 

now, there are parts that annoyed me, the ants on episode two made no sense! they grew those huge legs before aladdin even summoned oga!  

but i have to be honest, i do wish that they had followed the manga 100% accurate so it wont get a 5/5 this is becuase i just love magi to much to see it get changed from its original state!

now, i do hope that they will get on track with the manga! i know that we will se some more changes because they dropped the first chapter of the manga and the characters with it, but exept for that i hope that they will follow the mangas tracks and do it masterfully.

sorry for any grammar mistakes! i got dyslexia, but i just had to raise my voice the topic. however i recommend EVERYONE to read the manga, it deserves WAY more attention then it has!

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