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Year: 2012
Tags: Comedy, Slice of Life

Kokoro Connect

The "love and teen pentagonal comedy" follows the strange phenomena at the Yamahoshi Academy's Culture Club, starting with the five male and female club members switching bodies with each other.
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Dec 30 2012
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Dec 30 2012
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Dec 30 2012
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Oct 23 2012
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Oct 23 2012
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Oct 18 2012
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Oct 10 2012
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Oct 2 2012
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Sep 26 2012
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Sep 19 2012
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Sep 12 2012
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Sep 6 2012
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Sep 6 2012
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Sep 6 2012
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Sep 6 2012
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Sep 6 2012
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"Kokoro Connect" Reviews
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     It's actually 3.5 of 5

The main point of this Anime is what its Title says Kokoro Connect(or roughly translated connecting hearts)
People might think after reading the anime info that everything is over after the body switching and yes it is predictable that our protagonists will learn more about the true selfes of each other, but acually it is just one step giving us and our main characters only a small impression of pasts and characters.

However, watching the end of each "arc", you think to yourself that you know the characters very well, only to realize that there was more to them or you were completly wrong. Well, that does not really mean that there is character development, at least not for all of our characters.
Some characters will have some amazing character development and confront their past, traumas and problems, while others don't have such a thing or have such a drastic turn in their behavior that you ask yourself where that development came from(it would be a spoiler to reveal who it is so I give you an description: It is the person with a drastic change of one character trait in the last arc, but the arc is mainly not about that person). Not all might agree to "drastic" but that person's change (of that one character trait) is not as detailed explained as the change of others. Although some character developments are better than others, it is fascinating to see how their relationships grow and get more complicated by each time they face a new trial.

Second to character development are the emotions that are displayed: With each trial they overcome not only their bonds are strengthend but also the fear to experiance the pain again coming with facing the past and traumas. However, the greatest fear of all is that revealing one's true self might destroy the relationship to each other forever. As the body switching fact is already "spoilered" I want to praise the voice actors especially in this arc because they could acually express the character change very realistically only using their voice but also in other arcs regarding the display of the characters' mental condiction.

Well, even anime that deals with the psyche of humans has comedy in it and the comedy is very good and unexpecting. And even the jokes that result from their situations in their trials and can be expected are very funny or can catch you of guard. One example is the talk of our Main Character with his little sister and his reaction. People might have seen that scene somewhere and even without knowing the context it was hilarious for me. Acually, it was the main reason why I wanted to give this anime a try.

People will hate me for this one but I think in this case the anime might have been better without any romance. In fact, they should have spend more time with each other as friends to tell the difference wether it is love or simply admiration of one person. On the other hand, the love development of the other pair was more believable because of the time they sprend together and the hardships they overcome together.  However, things will get more awkward for our main character later on and once again: The final solution for this problem would be more believable if they had taken some time to think about their realationship before starting to date each other.

In short: The anime is great for its character development(for most of characters), comedy and the emotions. Ignore the romance and the strange charcter development of that one person and you have an anime you can enjoy(even though the epilouge is a bit cheesy).

Side Note: It would be very nice if you could watch my piano cover of one of the greatest childhood animes ever made(at least people born in the 90's will agree with me): insert animorypiano in youtube 

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      Must Watch!
I found this anime very good kept me wanting more after each episode. Id say it was my favorite during that season and suggest it to everyone. It has comedy, romance, drama, etc. I found the plot very distinctive and unique which is hard to come by now a days on shows. The characters were also unique and different from each other but it worked out for the better. This is a highly unrated show guarantee ya gunna love it tho.  
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      This anime deserves more attention!

The way this show continues is really... admirable, I'd say. Although it doesn't really focus on how astonishing story or action scenes can be, I love how the story simply "flows" and makes your heart feels full at the end of the show. It shows well how main characters feel, think and their problems, yet doesn't let the story be complicated.

I've just watched up to episode 4, so it might be too early to judge, but I think this will be one of the best anime this year for me. 

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      To counter the unfair review prior to this one
There are only two episodes. It's not enough to judge an anime. You're just commenting on the lack of originality; something that's hard to maintain in the anime industry. Regardless, it's not 11 minutes long. I don't know how this had happened to some but to the people who are reading this review, it's a regular length show. Please rewatch the first episode if you saw some sort of odd variation that was only 11 minutes in length. 
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   Not to be rude, or ungraceful, but this reminds me a lot...

Not to be rude, or ungraceful, but this reminds me a lot of an ***** i once saw about alternate dimensions and all of the club members keep switching bodies after digging up artifact of some ancient culture...


To be more bold, i shall accuse this anime of being EXACT REPLICA of that one, with the lack of more...err... to some people, interesting scenes.  So no points for being original there. No points at all.

Also, anime is 11 minutes long so far, which probably means they went for more quality over quantity approach, but considering there will be at least 6 minutes of what, who, why, where, each episode, as well as doing stuff as other person. I am sad to say, that whatever good comes out of it, i will find each episode somewhat lacking in content, for to be waited whole week to appear again.

With that said, some characters seem to have more developed personality than in most anime, but it is spread out unevenly so far. And that ***** was pretty interesting even without naughty scenes.

Have in mind this is my review based on only 1 episode so far.

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