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Year: 2012
Tags: Action, Supernatural

The Legend of Korra

Republic City is everything that Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko fought for when they ended the Hundred Year War. With balance restored to the four nations, benders and non-benders can live together in peace, in this thriving metropolitan area. But even the steampunk paradise of Republic City has its problems, as the next Avatar discovers. When Avatar Korra arrives in Republic City to master her airbending, she comes face to face with criminal bending gangs as well as members of a vocal anti-bending revolution. Before long, Korra's Avatar skills are put to the test when she encounters a group of Chi-blockers led by the charismatic and mysterious Amon, who threatens the city and all the benders in it. Despite the immense danger, Korra vows to fight the growing anti-bending revolution. But will she be able to stop Amon before he rises to power and makes his vision of a bending-free world a reality?
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DUB - Ep. 11
Jun 23 2012
DUB - Ep. 10
Jun 16 2012
DUB - Ep. 9
Jun 14 2012
DUB - Ep. 8
Jun 4 2012
DUB - Ep. 7
May 19 2012
DUB - Ep. 6
May 12 2012
DUB - Ep. 5
May 8 2012
DUB - Ep. 4
May 8 2012
DUB - Ep. 3
May 8 2012
DUB - Ep. 2
May 8 2012
DUB - Ep. 1
May 8 2012
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"The Legend of Korra" Reviews
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      The Legend of Korra

The long-awaited sequel to the beloved and widely-celebrated Avatar: The Last Airbender. Right out of the cage, this series matches the quality of the first, though the tone is certainly more grown-up and considerably darker. I have personally watched each released episode at least five times; the animation is so beautiful, the characters and scenery drawn so well, and the voice acting is so wonderful that I can't pry myself away from it. It is far closer to a true anime than the first series, and all it would need to make the last leap into anime-dom would be blood and death (though, in episode 6, I'm pretty sure some of those bad guys met their maker).

Oh, and just for the record, it isn't an English "dub". Nickelodeon is an American company (still it is hard for me to believe that Nick could put out something of this quality), and the voices are recorded in English (which is why they don't suck).


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Sly 3 4 Me
      It's a Cartoon
The series is originally in English, it's not 'Dubbed'. Nick created the show, although the animation isn't done here, the voice acting is first done in English, then other countries have made it into various languages.
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      english dub anime are usually crappy

I usually have a no eng dub policy when watching anime, because frankly the voices are really very horrible with the exception of a few and mostly ruin the show which i was watching in japanese.

 However i remember turning on the tv one day a few years ago and seeing Aang: The last airbender. i got hooked on this crazy amazingly animated show (that amazingly was english dub!) it was  amazing and i was kinda sad when it ended.

 So when the Legend of Korra, sequel to the last airbender was released i was like ^_^ yay.........

 It had the same beautiful scenerie, hand drawn animated scenes, great humour (like the 1st series) and the voices weren't bad. In addition, it had become a more mature show, what more could i want! I have to say, if you're not already a fan, you probably will be soon. It might be a turn off for those like me who are completely adamant about the dub thing but otherwise, great stuff, i'm expecting a lot

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