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Year: 2009
Tags: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen
Rating: PG 13 - Teens


Lucy is a 17-year-old girl, who wants to be a full-fledged mage. One day when visiting Harujion Town, she meets Natsu, a young man who gets sick easily by any type of transportation. But Natsu isnt just any ordinary kid, he's a member of one of the world's most (in)famous mage guilds: Fairy Tail.
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"FAIRY TAIL" Reviews
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  it is a bad joke
When I watched the start of the first season I thought this anime had promise. As it continued my disappointment grew. The action scenes are just stills of the anime characters that do not include a live background of the environment it is just one color with streaks. That is lazy and ridiculous to have in this day and age of anime. The idea of this anime is good, its execution makes it total crap. It is a children's anime. So you will enjoy it if you are 10yrs old and believe the power of friendship conquers all and do not care about quality. It turned too much for puns and jokes instead of being what it would have been great at, an action anime. I was not looking for blood and gore or murder, but it is ridiculous how an anime can display death yet every fight has no consequence but stupid puns and minor injuries. It cannot make up its mind if it is a lousy joke anime for kids or a serious battle anime. PICK ONE OR THE OTHER YOU IDIOT CREATORS. This is what ruins most anime, they want to create something for everyone instead of keeping an anime for what it is good at. BATTLE ANIME KEEP BATTLE VIEWERS, JOKE ANIME KEEP THE JESTERS, DO NOT MIX THE POT TO THE POINT TO MAKE IT COMPLETE SH*T YOU IDIOTS.
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The Fool
      Another amazing one you cant miss!
Yes naruto, bleach, one piece, gintama, hunter x hunter and this are all AMAZING!!! Ok people complain that it changed and is worse now. Where is it worse? I can't see it. Do you guys dislike the fan service??? Nothing wrong with that I personally like it xD It helps with shipping and stuff. Sure they go a little over board but its just apart of the show. This long running anime has all of the other long running anime besides naruto in romance beat(In the naruto manga which finished all of the characters fell in love with someone and got married and had kids a great story there) But let me tell you something there is NO FILLERS in this. Wanna know why? Because anything about Fairy Tail is on track with the plot! The fights scenes are predictable but there is a reason as to why Natsu always wins. That is because of what he is which I wont spoil for you non manga readers but those who do read the manga know what im talking about right? Remember when Laxus tried to take over fairy tail? Gray lost to the guy with a bunch of dolls. So ya its not that Fairy Tail always wins, its that Natsu always wins. Natsu gets SUUUUPER(in frankies voice) COOOL. Fairy Tail is just beginning this could all be a prologue for all you guys know xD because Hiro is a FUCKING GENIUS WITH TIME SKIPS!!! He set it up for like another 400 episodes after the next couple arcs. Anyways there is NOTHING wrong with this show. the nostalgic feels in the manga is sooo amazing. Fairy Tail is actually to me better than the other ones. (yes even one piece because that show just drags the fights for like 100 episodes xD still good but ya know really long arcs) Almost all of the long runners have a reason as to why the MC is unbeatable. Bleach, MC is all things pretty much a candidate to be God he is what Aizan wanted to become. Naruto, He has the strongest tailed beast. One Piece, He is a D and fate just works in his favor. Hunter x Hunter, Ok actually Gon does lose so yeah... LOL. But anyways Fairy Tail is so great and about there guild being like a family future its gonna change because its gonna be like the Seven deadly Sins.
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    Fairy tail went from i really love this to....pls develop betterrr

First of all, i think that fairy tail had a great premise. Strongly rooted and lovable characters with good enough background to properly develop character and a really fun atmosphere as well as a concept which i'm sure many loved - magic. Initially, when i first watched it i was pumped. The comedy was superb; action scenes were good with nice effects and choreography; the plotlines were deep; and it was from the same author as Rave master! ( It even had plue). Some arcs were very good and i did enjoy watching them.

But then i started to realise, that there was just too much damn emphasis on friendship. Sure, yea that's all well and good. But when the power of friendship suddenly makes you go super saiyan and just overwhelm your opponent with NO explanation whatsoever - it starts to dilute the show. It got to the point where natsu can't even lose the fight against 2 opponents just as strong as him merely because he heard a friend crying or something.... especially when there seems to be no training moments. This kinda makes it difficult to develop the characters due to getting a stupid sudden power up. (another note - few too many final screams on natsu's part [very cringeworthy])

Overall the feel of the show is a really good one and it opened extremely well, but the actual development of the characters left me feeling quite empty and longing for a bit better execution

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Battousai 1982
      Epic show, trashy crunchyroll
The show is boss but every single crunchy roll link is garbage on it. takes me to a sorry we don't have that page. what a load of crap!
the mp4 upload site works good though.... when you finally get it to load
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it was an awesome anime how the characters developped throughout the series i just hope the second season will come i recommend you watch fairy tail very much


<3 AnimeWatcher22Ā 

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