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Latest Reviews
   written by Truceboy
 " Okay, I'm just going to start off with saying whoever thinks this is a love story, you're an idiot.  This is a mystery/scifi/fantasy anime that happens to have every character fall in love with freaking Araragi. "

Then you know what?  The thing I'm eating right now it's not a cake, it's just a baked mixture of milk, flour, chocolate, eggs and sugar, all of that in a round shape.
Definitly not a cake.

Wow I see what you did there. Clever argument. 
      written by JackingChan

Okay, I'm just going to start off with saying whoever thinks this is a love story, you're an idiot.  This is a mystery/scifi/fantasy anime that happens to have every character fall in love with freaking araragi.  Damn him and his antenna hair thingy.

 Outside of that it is actually a pretty hard anime to give a real rating to simply because of how odd it is in general.  It's animation at times is amazing, at other times is ultra goofy, and other times they simply decide to use a text card instead.  There are a whole lot of scenes where you should pause and read everything that is on the screen if you want to fully understand things and other times where if you pause to read the whole screen you basically just wasted your time.  

The story itself is very intriguing.  The main character at one point was a vampire because of a certain incident, but then he got cured... sort of, and is now host to the broken form of the vampire that turned him.  The whole monogatari series starts with bakemonogatari and the girl who winds up being his girlfriend.  The series is broken up into excerpts of their life in which different "odd" incidents occur around Arararagi.  Sorry my tongue slipped.  There are a lot of elements from one "season" of the show to another that you will need to remember as you go along.  Bakemonogatari begins to draw you in to this odd little world and leaves you feeling unfulfilled I think.  It is good in doing that because it's just a tiny piece of the puzzle.  And as the show goes further you get more and more pieces put together, like just who was such and such and why did they suddenly appear or disappear or why did such and such happen to so an so.  It all comes together to form a rather brilliant plot in my opinion.  

I know that doesn't say much about what actually happens... but I'm not spoiling, the story is too good to give away.  Go watch all of the monogatari series if you want to know all of that.

Music was... well it was damn good.  The opening of Bakemonogatari fits quite well with the theme of the show and each separate "season" of the show has it's own appropriate opening.  The music really sets the mood of the episode and enhances the eclectic nature of the show when needed or grounds it when without the show would just get goofy.  Quite well done, though I can't say I have ever looked up the ST and tried to listen to it outside the show so.... not AMAZING music, but just what the show needed to have.

Characters..... This is the part that is important.  The characters are really good.  I mean REAAAAALLLLLYYYY good.  There is so much depth and development of the different characters and they are so damn well defined throughout the Monogatari series that I have to say they are probably some of the strongest characters I have ever seen in an anime, and better yet, it isn't done through making them look strange, or giving them fang teeth or some bull like that(welll some characters do look very strange, but that is strongly tied to what/who that character is... humans look like they are supposed to and don't have some random thing that you would never see a normal person have.... outside the monkey paw.... and the utensils.... and stapler.... okay I give some of them have very interesting traits, but they aren't overdone and I appreciate that.) The real depth of the characters comes from their personality as a lot of this show is dialogue (don't moan they make it very very interesting ) the characters become very distinct very quickly.  

Overally I personally greatly enjoy this show and would recommend it to others.  If you don't like trying to figure out what is going on or getting thrown around in a crazy world kinda like FLCL did then definitely don't watch.  If you are too thick to appreciate and understand a show with more intelligence than naruto or bleach (oh look i didn't beat him time to train or magically power up and suddenly be able to beat them!  I don't ha

   written by giangi92
Just a few words of advice.
If you are a 15 - 18 years old virgin full of sex issues, then go ahead and watch this show. Because you will probably see a reflection of yourself.
But if you are a more mature person and you'r accustomed to adult and serious types of anime like me, just skip this crap and save your time for something better (like Mushishi just to give an example).

It's basically a love story between the two main characters, wich are a dull boy and an arrogant, self-centered, fast talking, sexy, and almost unbearably irritating girl (I almost had to quit the show on the 3° episode since my ears wanted to bleed so bad everytime she opened her mouth).

Good art, colors and lots of all that random sexual references and poses that kids like.


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